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Вопросы по темам: Сервисы сайта знакомств

What are the services I can use on a site?

How does Banners option work?

How long will my banner be at a site?

What pages can I put my banners at?

How can I lift my profile in search?

How can I call a user?

Are calls on a site safe?

Do I need headset to call?

How does "Refer a friend" work?

Will my friends know that I have referred them?

How do I pay for the services?

What are the services I can use on a site?
Most of the services on a site are paid.

There are several services we can offer:

      Post your banner at a site - you can add your own banner on site pages and better promote yourself to other users! Your banner will be there for a certain period of time. It's a paid feature.
        Lift up your profile in search results - you can lift up your listing in search results for other users for a certain period of time. Your profile will be on a top of the page until someone gets the same feature.
          Virtual Calls on a site - anonymous calls to other site users via our site. The money for a call are taken from your site account. Rates are adjusted accordingly.

          You can also earn some money on your account using Refer a friend option. Send us your friends and get money if they sign up!


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